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A. This chapter applies to all large events, as defined herein.

B. This chapter does not apply to any events that:

1. Take place in buildings or on property that are subject to the City’s Zoning Ordinance;

2. Are regulated pursuant to Chapter 13.46 or any other similar provision of this code;

3. Take place at a dwelling and are sponsored by a resident of that dwelling;

4. Take place entirely outside of buildings; or

5. Are open to the public for free, if such events are advertised and/or conducted in such a way as to avoid civil disturbances resulting from an inability to accommodate all persons who wish to attend.

C. "Large event" means any event that is open to the public and that draws, or can reasonably be expected to draw, over 500 persons, whether or not all prospective attendees are allowed or able to attend.

D. "Open to the public" means that any person may attend even if attendance requires the payment of a fee for admission. For purposes of this chapter, events that are limited to persons over the age of eighteen years are also "open to the public".

E. "Operator" means any person, corporation, association or other entity that operates a venue in the City where large events occur.

F. "Promoter" means any person, corporation, association or other entity that arranges or sponsors large events in the City.

G. The City Manager shall establish and maintain a list of operators and promoters that operate venues subject to this chapter. (Ord. 6650-NS § 1, 2001)