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A. No later than the fifth day of every month, each promoter and operator shall notify the Chief of Police of all large events that that promoter or operator plans for the period between the fifteenth of that month and the fourteenth of the following month.

B. For any event which, for good cause, is not included in the list required by subdivision (A) of this section, the promoter and/or operator shall give notice of the event to the Chief of Police within one day of making arrangements for such event to take place at a specified location. In such cases, the Chief of Police shall advise the sponsor or promoter of the event of security required under this section, if any, as soon as possible after receiving notice.

C. Notification pursuant to this section shall include:

1. The location of the event;

2. The timing and duration of the event;

3. A description of the event, and any proposed rules for its conduct;

4. The name, address and telephone number of all persons who are or will be responsible for the promotion and conduct of the event, including effective means by which to reach them during the event, such as cell phone and pager numbers and likely location during the event;

5. The extent of advertising for the event;

6. The expected number of prospective attendees;

7. The posted capacity of the building where the event is to take place; and

8. Any security arrangements that have been made for the event.

D. No later than the tenth of each month the Chief of Police may require the promoter and/or operator to provide security in an attendee/security ratio to be determined by the Chief of Police and to establish liaison with the Police Department concerning security arrangements. Security personnel shall primarily be responsible for crowd control. The Chief of Police shall determine the appropriate number of security personnel based solely on the following factors:

1. The physical characteristics of the building and associated area, if any, where the event is to occur;

2. The number of persons that can reasonably be anticipated to attend or to try to attend;

3. Whether alcohol will be served or is likely to be consumed; and

4. The number and character of other events at which incidents requiring police intervention have occurred, with which the sponsor or any person responsible for the promotion of the event has been associated.

E. In no event may the Chief establish an attendee/security ratio in excess of one security person per 25 attendees.

F. As used in this section, "good cause" means that planning for an event did not commence until after the fifth of the month in which it would have otherwise been reported under subdivision (A) of this section. (Ord. 6650-NS § 1, 2001)