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A. Applicability.

1. This section applies to new residential projects with two or more dwelling units on a parcel, including the residential portion of mixed-use projects, where any portion of the project is located either:

(a) Within 0.25 miles of a major transit stop, as defined by Section 21064.3 of the California Public Resources Code; or

(b) Along a transit corridor with service at 15-minute headways during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

2. Exemptions. The following types of projects are exempt from the requirements of this section:

(a) Projects for which a building permit was issued before March 19, 2021.

(b) Residential projects, including the residential portions of mixed-use projects, with the majority of the units subject to recorded affordability restrictions;

(c) Projects located on a roadway with less than 26 feet pavement width in the Hillside Overlay.

(d) Projects located in the Environment Safety-Residential (ES-R) district.

B. Off-Street Parking Maximum. Any project subject to this chapter shall not include off-street residential parking at a rate higher than 0.5 parking spaces per Dwelling Unit.

C. Adding Units to Existing Buildings or Properties.

1. The parking maximum required by this section applies to new dwelling units added to an existing property or building where the addition results in two or more units on the parcel.

2. Adding a unit to an existing property or building does not require the removal of any existing off-street parking spaces.

D. Excess Off-Street Parking.

1. Off-street residential parking in excess of the maximum number in Section 23.322.070.B (Off-Street Parking Maximum) may be approved with an AUP.

2. To approve an AUP for excess off-street parking, the review authority must make one or both of the following findings:

(a) Trips to the use or uses to be served, and the apparent demand for additional parking, cannot be satisfied by the amount of parking permitted by this section, by transit service which exists or is likely to be provided in the foreseeable future, or by more efficient use of existing on-street and off-street parking available in the area;

(b) The anticipated residents of the proposed project have special needs or require reasonable accommodation that relate to disability, health or safety that require the provision of additional off-street residential parking. (Ord. 7787-NS § 2 (Exh. A), 2021)