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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 23 Fixing fees of town attorney Repealed by 129
Ord. 22 Bulletin boards Repealed by 4816-NS
Ord. 21 Public pound Repealed by 132
Ord. 20 Violation of town ordinances Repealed by 129
Ord. 19 Town seal Special
Ord. 18 Permission to erect telephone line Special
Ord. 17 Prevents acts against good morals Repealed by 163
Ord. 16 Licenses Repealed by 131
Ord. 15 Engineers Repealed by 129
Ord. 14 Electric franchise Special
Ord. 13 Road poll tax Repealed by 2954-NS
Ord. 12 Salaries Repealed by 186
Ord. 11 Laundries Repealed by 131
Ord. 10 Licenses Repealed by 131
Ord. 9 Tax on dogs Repealed by 2954-NS
Ord. 8 Marshal authorized to repair bridge Special
Ord. 7 Obtaining map of town for assessor Special
Ord. 6 Birds Repealed by 118-A
Ord. 5 Justice of the peace and constables Repealed by 4816-NS
Ord. 4 Firearms Repealed by 49-A
Ord. 3 Town Attorney Repealed by 129
Ord. 2 Bonds of officers Special
Ord. 1 Meetings of board Special