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The Mayor shall be the chairperson of the Council, and shall preside at the meetings of the Council and perform such other duties consistent with their office as may be imposed by the Council. They shall be entitled to a vote on all matters coming before the Council, but shall possess no veto power. They shall be recognized as the official head of the City for all ceremonial purposes, by the courts for the purposes of serving civil processes, and by the Governor for military purpose. They may use the title of Mayor in any case in which the execution of contracts or other legal instruments in writing, or other necessity arising from the general laws of this State, may so require; but this shall not be construed as conferring upon them administrative or judicial functions or other powers or functions of a Mayor, under the general laws of the State. The powers and duties of the Mayor shall be such as are conferred upon them by this amendment, together with such others as may be conferred by the Council in the pursuance of the provisions of this amendment, and no others.