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Inventory of Property Owned by the City

This table is included in your selections.


Alcatraz Avenue, 1890

    Adult day health care

Adeline Street, 3201


Allston Way, 1835

    Old City Hall Annex

Allston Way, 1326

    City of Berkeley Corporation Yard

Ashby Avenue, 1440

    3000 Sacramento Block Project

Ashby Avenue, 1621

    Housing project

Boliar Drive, 1

    Animal Shelter

Byron Street, 2213

    Homeless housing

Cazadero Camp

    Sonoma County

Cedar Street, 997

    EOC/Fire Department: Office of Emergency Services and Training

Center Street, 1931

    Veteran's Memorial Building

Center Street, 1947

    City of Berkeley offices

Channing Way and West Street

    Low income public housing (BHA)

Delaware Street, 5th to 6th Street

    Condominium Project

Dwight Way (East End)

    Proposed extension

Dwight Way and Valley Street

    Low-income public housing (BHA) between Dwight and West Streets

Dwight Way, 2134-2140

    Homeless housing

Dwight Way near Valley Street between Dwight and Blake Streets (Santa Fe Right-of-Way)

    Low income public housing (BHA)

Eighth Street, 1718

    Child care

Eighth Street, 2231-2235

    Duplex (BHA)

Fifth Street and Hearst down 6th Street

    Low/moderate income housing on long-term ground lease (BRA)

Harmon Street, 1907

    Child care

Harper Street, 3016

    Duplex (BHA)

Marin Avenue, near Cragmont

    Part of Cragmont School Yard

Marina Mall

    201 University Avenue

Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 2100

    Public safety building

Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 2120

    Berkeley-Albany Municipal Court

Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 2134

    Old City Hall, Berkeley Unified School District, administrative offices

Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 2636-40

    Mental Health Services (HHS)

Martin Luther King Memorial Park

    Martin Luther King Jr. Way, between Allston Way and Center Street

McKinley Avenue, 2111

    Family shelter

McKinley Avenue, 2121

    Fire Administration Building

McKinley Avenue, 2171

    Hall of Justice--Police Department

Milvia Street, 2180

    Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Building

NIA House Learning Center

    Ninth Street north of Bancroft Way

Ninth Street, 1925

    Homeless housing

Rose Street, 1300

    Child care

Sacramento Street, 3016

    Commercial structure

Sacramento Street, 3032-3036

    Rehabilitate and revitalize

Sacramento Street, 3044

    Commercial structure

Sacramento Street, 3046-48

    Commercial structure

Sacramento Street, 3050-52

    3000 Sacramento Block Project

Sacramento Street, 3060

    Commercial structure

Sacramento Street, 3072-74

    Commercial structure

Sacramento Street, 3076

    Commercial structure

Sacramento Street, 3086

    Commercial structure

Sacramento Street, 3088-90


Sacramento Street, 3092-94

    Commercial structure

Sacramento Street, 3106

    3000 Sacramento Block Project

Sacramento Street (Santa Fe Right-of-Way)

    Parks/recreation/housing/open space

Santa Fe Court, 2725-2737

    Residential (BHA)

Second Street, 1231 & 1109-99

    Solid waste management plant

Solano-Peralta Plaza

    Solano Avenue at Peralta and Capistrano

Stanton Street, 3011, 3031, 3043

    3000 Sacramento block project

Stanton Street, 3039

    Commercial structure

Tuolumne Family Camp

    Groveland, California

University Avenue, 830

    Health center

University Avenue, 1001

    Homeless housing

University Avenue, 1007

    Homeless housing

University Avenue, 1011

    Homeless housing

Virginia Street, 2026-2034

    Low-income public housing (BHA)

Walnut Street, 1275

    Berkeley Art Center


Berkeley Way, 2029

    Firehouse No. 2

Cedar Street, 997

    Fire Department Training Center

Cedar Street, 999

    Firehouse No. 6

Derby Street and Shattuck Avenue

    Firehouse No. 5, 2680 Shattuck Avenue

Eighth Street, 2442

    Firehouse No. 1

Marin Avenue, 1900

    Fire House No. 4

McKinley Avenue, 2121

    Fire Department Administration

Russell Street, 2710

    Firehouse No. 3

Shasta Road, 3000

    Firehouse No. 7


Alameda, 1170

    North Berkeley Library

Ashby Avenue and Benvenue Avenue

    Claremont Branch Library, 2940 Benvenue Avenue

Kittredge and Shattuck

    Main library, 2090 Kittredge Street

Russell Street, 1901

    South Berkeley Branch Library

University Avenue, 1125

    West Berkeley Branch Library


Albany City Limits and Kains Avenue

    Vacant lot

Allston Way and Oxford Street

    Parking lot

Ashby Avenue and Elmwood

    Vacant lots--remnants

Ashby Avenue west of Harper

    Vacant lot

Berkeley Way

    Parking lot--bounded by Berkeley Way and Shattuck Avenue

Burnett Street between Park and Mable

    Vacant lot

Center Street Garage

    2025 Center Street

Channing Way, 2425

    Sather Gate Parking Lot (2450 Durant Avenue)

College Avenue, 2900-2940

    Parking lots

Contra Costa Avenue to The Alameda

    Vacant lot

Contra Costa Avenue to Mendocino

    Vacant lot

Eunice and Euclid Street

    Vacant lot

Eunice and Sutter Streets

    Vacant lot

Piedmont and Ashby Avenue

    Vacant lot--Remnant

Prince Street west of King Street

    Vacant lot

Russell Street and Claremont Boulevard

    Vacant lot--Remnant

Russell Street between College and Benvenue

    Parking lot

Sutter Street Yolo and Eunice

    Vacant lot


Adeline Street Park

    Adeline and 62nd at Stanford Street

Alvarado Road off Willow Walk


Aquatic Park

    80 Bolivar Drive, foot of Bancroft Way and Addison Street

Bateman Park

    Prince Street at Colby

Becky Temko Tot Lot

    2424 Roosevelt Street

Berkeley Way Mini-Park

    Berkeley Way at West Street

Cedar Rose Park

    Bounded by Cedar, Hopkins, Peralta and Rose Streets at 1314 and 1330 Rose Street

Cesar E. Chavez Park

    Spinnaker Way at Turnaround

Charlie Dorr Mini-Park

    2200 Block of Acton Street at Allston Way

Contra Costa Rock Parks

    Bounded by Contra Costa and Yosemite

Cordonices Park

    1201 Euclid Avenue

Cragmont Rock Park

    Bounded by Euclid, Cragmont, Regal, Easter Way

Dorothy Bolte Park

    Michigan Avenue at Spruce Street

Frederick Mini-Park

    Bounded by Arlington and Yosemite

George Florence Mini-Park

    Tenth Street between Allston Way and Addison Street

Great Stoneface Park

    1901 Yosemite and The Alameda

Greg Brown Memorial Park

    1909 Harmon, Fairview Street

Grizzly Peak Park

    Whittaker Street near Miller Street near Hillcrest Road

Grotto Rock Park

    Santa Barbara Road between Marin Avenue and Montrose Road, north of Indian Rock Park

Grove Park

    Grant and Russell Streets

Grove Park and Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Center

    Martin Luther King Jr. Way--Oregon and Russell Streets

Halcyon Commons

    Halcyon Court between Webster and Prince Streets

Haskell Street Mini-Park

    Haskell Street at Mabel Street

Horseshoe Park

    Seawall Drive, Marina

Indian Rock Park

    Indian Rock Avenue at Shattuck

James Kenney Park and Recreation Center

    Bounded by 7th, 8th, Virginia and Delaware

John Hinkel Park

    Bounded by San Diego Road, Somerset Place Southampton Avenue

King School Park

    Hopkins near Colusa Avenue

La Loma Park

    1339 La Loma Avenue at Glendale Avenue

Lawn Bowling Green

    2270 Acton Street

Live Oak Park and Live Oak Center

    Berryman Street between Rose, Shattuck & Walnut

Monkey Island Park

    Claremont Boulevard and Oak Knoll Terrace

Mortar Rock Park

    Indian Rock Avenue and San Diego Road

Nature Center, Adventure Playground

    160 University Avenue

Oak Park

    Domingo Avenue at El Camino Real

Ohlone Park

    Hearst Avenue from Milvia to Sacramento Streets

Presentation Park

    Allston Way at California

Prince Street Totlot

    Prince Street between California and King Streets

Remillard Park

    Keeler Avenue at Poppy Lane and Miller Avenue

Rose Garden

    Euclid Avenue and Bayview Place

San Pablo Park

    Francis Albrier Community Center, 2800 Park Street between Russell and Ward Streets

Shorebird Park

    201 University Avenue and Seawall Drive

Sixty-Third Street Mini-Park

    Sixty-third Street east of California

Strawberry Creek Park

    Between Bancroft Way and Addison Street at West Street

    Bonar Street, 2141 (portion)

Terrace View Playground/Park

    Queens Road and Fairlawn Drive

Virginia Gardens

    Chestnut and Franklin off Virginia Street

Virginia-McGee Totland

    Virginia and McGee Streets

Walker Street (Park)

    Walker Street between Derby and Ward

Willard Park and Recreation Center

    Hillegass Avenue between Derby and Stuart Streets


Ashby Avenue, 1801

    Part of South Berkeley Senior Center property

Ellis Street, 2939

    South Berkeley Senior Center

Hearst Avenue, 1901

    North Berkeley Senior Center

Sixth Street, 1900

    West Berkeley Senior Center


Acton Street, 2218-22

    Residential dwelling--Rental

Alcatraz Avenue, 1521

    Fourplex (BHA)

Fairview Street, 1812

    Triplex (BHA)

Fifth Street, 1631, 1654, 1824

    Residential (BRA)

Francisco Street, 1107-23

    Residential (BHA)

Francisco Street, 1161-75

    Residential (BHA)

Jones Street, 870-880

    Residential (BHA)

Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 1402-08

    Residential (BHA)

Rose Street, 1838-1840

    Residential (BHA)

Seventh Street, 1500-1504

    Residential (BHA)

Stanton Street, 3009

    Single-family dwelling

Stanton Street, 3033

    Single-family residence

Stanton Street, 3035

    Single-family residence

Stanton Street, 3047


Stanton Street, 3053


Stuart Street, 1605-07

    Triplex (BHA)

Valley Street, 2450

    Residential (BHA)

Virginia Street, 729/31

    Residential tenant occupied (BRA)

Ward Street, 1903-1927

    Residential (BHA)

West Street, 2374

    Residential (BHA)


Delaware Street (portions), 3rd to 6th Streets

    Street and highway purposes (BRA)

Roble Road (at Oakland City limit)


University Avenue

    10 parcels bounded by University Avenue, Sacramento and Addison

Webster Street

    3 parcels between Regent and Colby Streets


Alameda to Contra Costa Avenue

    Solano Tunnel

Hopkins and Fountain Walk

    Tunnel entrance

Los Angeles to Mendocino

    The Traffic Circle