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Old Chapters

New Chapters

Sub-Title 23A: Ordinance Applicability

23A.04: Title, Adoption and Purposes

23.102: Introductory Provisions

23A.08: Interpretation and Construction of Ordinance

23.104: Interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance

23A.12: General Regulations

23.102: Introductory Provisions

23A.16: Zoning Maps, Districts and Boundaries

23.108: Zoning Districts and Map

23A.20: Zoning Ordinance Amendments

23.412: Zoning Code Amendments

23A.24: Applicability, Emergencies, Interpretation, Severability, Rules of Evidence and Procedure

23.102: Introductory Provisions

Sub-Title 23B: Ordinance Administration

23B.04: Zoning Adjustments Board

23.402: Administrative Responsibility

23B.08: Design Review Committee

23B.12: Zoning Officer

23B.16: Use of Conflict Resolution or Mediation Service

23.404: Common Permit Requirements

23B.20: Zoning Conformance Review

23.406: Specific Permit Requirements

23B.24: Applications for Permits

23.404: Common Permit Requirements

23B.28: Administrative Use Permits

23.406: Specific Permit Requirements

23B.32: Use Permits

23B.34: Green Pathway

23.408: Green Pathway

23B.36: Master Use Permits

23.406: Specific Permit Requirements

23B.40: AUPs For Temporary Uses

23B.44: Variances

23B.48: Modification of Development Standards

23B.52: Reasonable Accommodation

23B.56: Conditions Applicable to All Permits

23.404: Common Permit Requirements

23B.60: Compliance and Revocation

23B.64: Abatement of Nuisances

23.414: Nuisance Abatement

23B.68: Private Right of Action

Sub-Title 23C: General Provisions Applicable in All Districts

23C.04: Conforming and Non-Conforming Uses, Buildings and Lots

23.324: Nonconforming Uses and Structures

23C.06: Bed and Breakfast Establishments in Residential Districts

23.302: Supplemental Use Regulations

23C.08: Demolition and Dwelling Unit Controls

23.326: Demolition and Dwelling Unit Control

23C.10: Emergency Shelter Zoning

23.308: Emergency Shelters

23C.12: Inclusionary Housing Requirements

23.328: Inclusionary Housing

23C.14: Density Bonus

23.330: Density Bonus

23C.16: Home Occupations

23.302: Use-Specific Regulations

23C.17: Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

23.332: Wireless Communication Facilities

23C.18: Transportation Demand Management

23.334: Transportation Demand Management

23C.19: Off-Street Parking Maximums for Residential Development

23.322: Parking and Loading

23C.20: Exemptions

23.302: Supplemental Use Regulations

23C.22: Short-Term Rentals

23.314: Short-Term Rentals

23C.23: One-Percent for Public Art on Private Projects

23.316: Percentage for Public Art on Private Projects

23C.24: Accessory Dwelling Units

23.306: Accessory Dwelling Units

23C.25 Cannabis Uses

23.320: Cannabis Uses

23C.26: Urban Agriculture

23.318: Urban Agriculture

Sub-Title 23D: Provisions Applicable in All Residential Districts

23D.04: Lot and Development Standards

Chapter 23.304: General Development Standards

23D.08: Accessory Buildings and Structures

23D.10: Accessory Dwelling Units

23.306: Accessory Dwelling Units

23D.12: Off-Street Parking Requirements

23.322: Parking and Loading

23D.16: R-1 Single Family Residential District Provisions

23.202: Residential Districts

23D.20: R-1A Limited Two-Family Residential District Provisions

23D.24: ES-R Environmental Safety-Residential District Provisions

23D.28: R-2 Restricted Two-Family Residential District Provisions

23D.32: R-2A Restricted Multiple-Family Residential District Provisions

23D.36: R-3 Multiple Family Residential District Provisions

23D.40: R-4 Multi-Family Residential District Provisions

23D.44: R-5 High Density Residential District Provisions

23D.48: R-S Residential Southside District Provisions

23D.52: R-SMU Residential Southside Mixed Use District Provisions

Sub-Title 23E: Provisions Applicable in All Non-Residential Districts

23E.04: Lot and Development Standards

23.106: Rules of Measurement

23.304: General Development Standards

23E.08: Design Review

23.406: Specific Permit Requirements

23E.12: Design Review Process

23E.16: Special Use Standards

23.204: Commercial Districts

23E.18 Temporary Outdoor Uses on Private Property

23.302: Supplemental Use Regulations

23E.20: Live/Work Provisions

23.312: Live/Work

23E.24: Sidewalk Cafe Seating

23.204: Commercial Districts

23E.28: Off-Street Parking and Transportation Services Fee

23.322: Parking and Loading

23E.32: Loading Space Requirements

23E.36: C-1 General Commercial District Provisions

23.204: Commercial Districts

23E.40: C-N Neighborhood Commercial District Provisions

23E.44: C-E Elmwood Commercial District Provisions

23E.48: C-NS North Shattuck Commercial District Provisions

23E.52: C-SA South Area Commercial District Provisions

23E.56: C-T Telegraph Avenue Commercial District Provisions

23E.60: C-O Solano Avenue Commercial District Provisions

23E.64: C-W West Berkeley Commercial District Provisions

23E.68: C-DMU Downtown Mixed Use District Provisions

23E.70: C-AC Adeline Corridor Commercial District Provisions

23E.72: M Manufacturing District Provisions

23.206: Manufacturing Districts

23E.76: MM Mixed Manufacturing District Provisions

23E.80: MU-LI Mixed Use-Light Industrial District Provisions

23E.84: MU-R Mixed Use-Residential District Provisions

23E.88: SP Specific Plan District Provisions

23.208: Special Purpose Districts

23E.92: U Unclassified District Provisions

23E.96: H Hillside Overlay District Provisions

23.210: Overlay Zones

23E.98: Civic Center District Overlay

Sub-Title 23F: Definitions

23F.04: Definitions

23.106: Rules of Measurement

23.502: Glossary

(Ord. 7787-NS § 2 (Exh. A), 2021)