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No later than one year after the effective date of this chapter, all covered employers shall provide at least one of the following transportation benefit programs to covered employees:

A. A Pre-Tax Election. A program, consistent with allowable pre-tax commute benefits, except parking benefits, allowed by Internal Revenue Code Section 132(f), allowing employees to elect to exclude from taxable wages and compensation employee commuting costs incurred for transit expenses, vanpool expenses, or bicycle expenses, up to the maximum level allowed by federal tax law; or

B. Employer Paid Benefit. A program whereby the employer supplies an annual, monthly or other form of transit pass, or reimbursement for equivalent vanpool expenses at least equal in value to the purchase of the appropriate benefit which shall not exceed the cost of an adult monthly AC Transit regular pass, for the public transit system requested by each employee or to reimburse qualified vanpool charges; or

C. Employer Provided Transit. Commute transportation furnished by the employer at no cost to the employee in a vanpool or bus, or similar multi-passenger vehicle operated by or for the employer. (Ord. 7113-NS § 1 (part), 2009)