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Every person engaged in a business as "peddler and solicitor, personally manufactured articles or produce" shall pay a license fee according to the schedule below. "Peddler or solicitor" means a person who peddles or solicits anything which they have personally manufactured or produced, and includes, but is not limited to, any farmer, poultryman or horticulturist soliciting or peddling their own produce. This term is limited to natural persons and includes the farmer, poultryman or horticulturist, members of their immediate family, or an employee who is regularly engaged in assisting in the production of the produce. This term does not include persons who buy articles or produce for resale as well as selling their own produce or articles.

A. Category A and Category B licenses are those licenses defined in Chapter 9.48.

B. A schedule of license fees for peddling and soliciting, as defined in this section, is provided in Section 9.04.235. (Ord. 5017-NS § I (part), 1977)