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A. There shall be established the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Product Panel of Experts to make recommendations on how and to what extent the City should establish and/or fund programs to reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in Berkeley and to address the effects of such consumption.

B. An officer or employee of the City designated by the City Manager shall serve as secretary of the Panel.

C. In accordance with Chapter 2.04, the Panel shall be composed of nine members appointed by the City Council.

D. Terms shall expire and vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.04.030 through 2.04.145 of this Code.

E. Each member of the Panel must:

1. Have experience in community-based youth food and nutrition programs; or

2. Have experience in school-based food and nutrition programs and be referred by the Berkeley Unified School District; or

3. Have experience in early childhood nutrition education; or

4. Have experience in researching public health issues or evaluating public health programs related to diabetes, obesity, and sugary drink consumption; or

5. Be a licensed medical practitioner.

F. In accordance with Section 3.02.040, members of the Panel may be reappointed but shall not serve more than eight consecutive years.

G. The Panel shall, by majority vote, do each of the following:

1. Annually appoint one of its members as chair and one of its members as vice-chair;

2. Approve bylaws to facilitate the proper functioning of the Panel;

3. Establish a regular time and place of meeting. All meetings shall be noticed as required by law and shall be scheduled in a way to allow for maximum input from the public. Minutes for each meeting shall be recorded, kept, and maintained; and

4. Publish an annual report that includes the following:

(a) recommendations on how to allocate the City's general funds to reduce the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages in Berkeley and to address the results of such consumption;

(b) information, if available, concerning the impact of this Chapter on the public health of the residents of the City; and

(c) any additional information that the Panel deems appropriate.

H. Within 15 days of receipt of the publication of the Panel’s annual report, the City Manager shall cause the report to be published on the City’s Internet website and to be transmitted to the City Council and the Governing Board of the Berkeley Unified School District.

I. The City Council shall consider, but need not follow, the Panel’s recommendations and shall annually inform the Panel as to the extent to which it has implemented the Panel's recommendations. (Ord. 7388-NS § 3 (part), 2014)