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A. "Added caloric sweetener" means any substance or combination of substances that meets all of the following four criteria:

1. Is suitable for human consumption;

2. Adds calories to the diet if consumed;

3. Is perceived as sweet when consumed; and

4. Is used for making, mixing, or compounding Sugar-sweetened beverages by combining the substance or substances with one or more other ingredients including, without limitation, water, ice, powder, coffee, tea, fruit juice, vegetable juice, or carbonation or other gas.

An Added caloric sweetener may take any form, including but not limited to a liquid, syrup, and powder, whether or not frozen. "Added caloric sweetener" includes, without limitation, sucrose, fructose, glucose, other sugars, and high fructose corn syrup, but does not include a substance that exclusively contains natural, concentrated, or reconstituted fruit or vegetable juice or any combination thereof.

B. "Alcoholic beverage" means any beverage subject to tax under Part 14 (commencing with Section 32001) of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, as that Part may be amended from time to time.

C. "Beverage for medical use" means a beverage suitable for human consumption and manufactured for use as an oral nutritional therapy for persons who cannot absorb or metabolize dietary nutrients from food or beverages, or for use as an oral rehydration electrolyte solution for infants and children formulated to prevent or treat dehydration due to illness. "Beverage for medical use" shall also mean a "medical food" as defined in Section 109971 of the California Health and Safety Code, as that definition may be amended from time to time. "Beverage for medical use" shall not include drinks commonly referred to as "sports drinks" or any other common names that are derivations thereof.

D. "Business Entity" means any Person except for a natural person.

E. "City" means the City of Berkeley, California.

F. "City Manager" means the City Manager of the City of Berkeley or his or her designee.

G. "Consumer" means a natural person who purchases a Sugar-sweetened beverage product in the City for a purpose other than resale in the ordinary course of business.

H. "Distribution" or "Distribute" means the transfer of title or possession (1) from one Business entity to another for consideration or (2) within a single Business entity, such as by a wholesale or warehousing unit to a retail outlet or between two or more employees or contractors. "Distribution" or "Distribute" shall not mean the retail sale to a Consumer.

I. "Distributor" means any Person who Distributes Sugar-sweetened beverage products in the City.

J. "Milk" means natural liquid milk, regardless of animal source or butterfat content, natural milk concentrate, whether or not reconstituted, regardless of animal source or butterfat content, or dehydrated natural milk, whether or not reconstituted and regardless of animal source or butterfat content, and plant-based milk substitutes, that are marketed as milk, such as soy milk and almond milk.

K. "Natural or common sweetener" means granulated white sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, xylem sap of maple trees, or agave nectar.

L. "Person" means an individual, trust, firm, joint stock company, business concern, business trust, government, receiver, trustee, syndicate, social club, fraternal organization, estate, corporation, including, but not limited to, a limited liability company, and association or any other group or combination acting as a unit.

M. "Retailer" means any Person who serves Sugar-sweetened beverage products to a Consumer.

N. "Simple syrup" means a mixture of water and one or more Natural or common sweeteners without any additional ingredients.

O. "Sugar-sweetened beverage" means any beverage intended for human consumption to which one or more Added caloric sweeteners has been added and that contains at least 2 calories per fluid ounce.

1. "Sugar-sweetened beverage" includes, but is not limited to all drinks and beverages commonly referred to as "soda," "pop," "cola," "soft drinks," "sports drinks," "energy drinks," "sweetened ice teas," or any other common names that are derivations thereof.

2. "Sugar-sweetened beverage" shall not include any of the following:

(a) Any beverage in which milk is the primary ingredient, i.e., the ingredient constituting a greater volume of the product than any other;

(b) Any beverage for medical use;

(c) Any liquid sold for use for weight reduction as a meal replacement;

(d) Any product commonly referred to as "infant formula" or "baby formula"; or

(e) Any alcoholic beverage.

P. "Sugar-sweetened beverage product" means a Sugar-sweetened beverage or Added caloric sweetener. (Ord. 7388-NS § 3 (part), 2014)