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A. Petition for Redetermination. Any TNC against whom a determination is made under this chapter may appeal such decision to the City Manager by filing a verified appeal with the City Manager within thirty (30) days after receipt of service upon the TNC of notice thereof. If a petition for redetermination is not filed in writing with the City Manager, City Hall, 2180 Milvia St. Berkeley, California 94704, within the 30-day period, the determination becomes final at the expiration of the period.

B. Consideration of Petitio--Hearing. If a petition for redetermination is filed within the 30-day period, the City Manager shall reconsider the determination and, if the TNC has so requested in its petition, shall grant the TNC an oral hearing, and shall give the TNC at least ten days’ notice of the time and place of hearing. The City Manager may designate one or more deputies for the purpose of conducting hearings and may continue a hearing from time to time as may be necessary.

C. Determination of Petition. The City Manager or their designee may decrease or increase the amount of the determination before it becomes final, but the amount may be increased only if a claim for the increase is asserted by the City Manager or their designee at or before the hearing.

D. Finality of Determination. The order or decision of the City Manager, or their designee upon a petition for redetermination becomes final thirty (30) days after service of notice thereof upon the petitioner. There is no appeal of the City Manager’s decision (or his or her deputies designated for a redetermination) to the City Council; writs challenging the City Manager’s decision must be filed with the appropriate court within ninety (90) days of the final date of such redetermination. (California Code of Civil Procedure § 1094.6.)

E. Tax a Debt. The amount of any tax, penalty, and interest imposed under the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed a debt to the City. Any TNC owing money to the City under the provisions of this chapter shall be liable to an action brought in the name of the City for the recovery of such amount. Such action must be filed within three years of a determination under Sections 7.71.090 or 7.71.100 becoming final or a redetermination under Section 7.71.110 becoming final. (Ord. 7746-NS § 2, 2020)