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A. Estimate—Computation of Tax Penalty. If any TNC fails to make a return, the Director of Finance shall estimate the number of Prearranged Trips and Pooled Prearranged Trips originating in the City subject to the tax. The estimate shall be made for the period or periods for which the TNC failed to make a return and shall be based upon any information that is in the Director of Finance’s possession or may come into his or her possession.

B. Penalties and Interest. Penalties and interest under Section 7.71.080 shall be applied to the tax determined to be due in subdivision A of this section. Interest shall be calculated from the original due date of the amount of tax determined to be due.

C. Manner of Computation—Offsets—Interest. In making a determination, the Director of Finance may offset overpayments for a period or periods against underpayments for another period or periods or against penalties and interest on the underpayments.

D. Giving Notice—Manner of Service. After making the determination, the Director of Finance shall give the TNC written notice of the estimate, determination, penalty, and interest. The notice shall be served personally or by mail in the manner prescribed for service of notice of a deficiency determination.

E. Time to Make a Determination. The Director of Finance may make a determination in accordance with this Section at any time within three years of a return being due. The time to issue a determination under this section shall be tolled during the pendency of an audit of a TNC under Section 7.71.120. (Ord. 7746-NS § 2, 2020)