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A. Within thirty (30) days after the effective date of this chapter, or within thirty (30) days after commencing business, whichever is later, every TNC engaged in business in the City must register with the Finance Department of the City, using a form provided by the Director of Finance.

B. Each TNC registration shall set forth the name under which the TNC transacts or intends to transact business, the location of its primary place or places of business, and such other information to facilitate the collection of the tax as the Director of Finance may require. The registration shall be signed by the owner if a natural person; in the case of an association or partnership, by a member or partner; in the case of a corporation, by an executive officer or some person specifically authorized by the corporation to sign the registration. The Director of Finance shall within thirty (30) days after such registration issue without charge a certificate of authority to each registrant to collect the tax from a User. Such certificates shall be non-assignable and nontransferable and shall be surrendered immediately to the Director of Finance upon the cessation of business in the City or upon its sale or transfer. (Ord. 7746-NS § 2, 2020)