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The functions of the commission shall be as follows:

A. To develop a local plan for reducing the amount of solid waste generated in the City and sent to landfill by 75 percent by 2010;

B. To prepare and evaluate a feasible zero waste plan and programs for the City, based upon sound ecological principles, such as "highest and best use," and coordinated to the maximum practical extent with other sustainability plans and programs for the City, and for the region as a whole;

C. To directly and continuously consider, study and work upon the problems of solid waste management for the City until a suitable zero waste system has been devised and put into operation, the target date for which shall be no later than 2000;

D. To cooperate with citizens’ groups working on proposals concerning any aspect of zero waste; provided, that nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to forestall consideration by the City Council of any proposals regarding solid waste management and zero waste practices which may be made by citizens’ groups prior to the target dates set forth herein. (Ord. 6904-NS § 4 (part), 2006: Ord. 4576-NS § 9, 1972)