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The powers and functions of the City Planning Commission shall be as follows:

A. To hold hearings on all zoning matters as prescribed in the zoning ordinance;

B. To conduct such other hearings as are provided by law and in accordance with its own rules and regulations;

C. To report its decisions and recommendations in writing to the City Council;

D. To consider, formulate and propose surveys, maps and plans designed to provide for, regulate and direct the future growth, development and beautification of the City in order to secure to the City and its inhabitants better sanitation, adequate and suitable parks and open spaces, harbor development, better transportation facilities, improved public service of all kinds, proper location of public buildings, and to secure a permanent and comprehensive plan for the most economic, healthful and harmonious growth of the City;

E. To prepare and recommend the adoption of a comprehensive long-term general master plan for the physical development of the City, to include among other things, land use plan, a streets and highways plan, a recreation plan, a transportation plan, a transit plan, a public services and facilities plan, and a community design plan as said plans are defined in the Planning Act of the state of California;

F. To make, in its advisory capacity, any and all recommendations to the City Council relating to the above matters, including changes or amendments to the master plan or any portion thereof.

G. To establish a Design Review Subcommittee with the following membership: at least one architect, one landscape architect and one member of the Planning Commission, one member of said commission to serve as chairperson, and staff assistance to be provided by the City urban design planner. The function of the subcommittee shall be to review projects to construct, alter or repair buildings in the civic center area pursuant to Municipal Code Chapter 6.12, to advise the Planning Commission on the design and site development of structures on public property pursuant to Municipal Code Chapter 3.12, and to advise staff or other City commissions on design and site development as requested. (Ord. 5140-NS § 1, 1979: Ord. 2898-NS § 3, 1947)