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A. The functions of the commission shall be to:

1. Identify the needs of the aging of the community and create a citizen awareness of these needs;

2. Encourage improved standards of services to the aging and encourage establishment of needed new services for the aging, both public and private, and in so doing, encourage coordination among organizations providing services to the aging in the community and provide advice and assistance thereto; in cooperation with other agencies collect, maintain and interpret information and statistics on the aging for the use of citizens and organizations in the City; encourage preparation of publications and results of study and research pertaining to the aging;

3. Advise the City Council on all matters affecting the aging in the community;

4. Render advice and assistance to other City boards and commissions, to City departments and to private agencies on matters affecting the aging;

5. Perform such other functions and duties as may be directed by the City Council.

B. In prescribing the above duties and functions of the commission it is not the intent of this council to duplicate or overlap the functions, duties or responsibilities heretofore or hereafter assigned to any other City board or commission or to a City department. As to such functions or responsibilities above set forth which are partially or wholly the responsibilities of another board or commission or of a department of the City, the commission will render assistance and advice to such board, commission or department as may be requested. (Ord. 4492-NS § 10, 1970)