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A. Encourage programs for the cultural enrichment of the City and help make City resources available to cultural groups.

B. Provide assistance to groups and individuals wishing to sponsor neighborhood events, such as block parties, small business celebrations, and community holidays.

C. Provide support for art groups in their search for funding from county, state, federal and private sources and pursue projects which would provide funding for the arts.

D. Coordinate and strengthen existing organizations in the arts and develop cooperation with regional organizations.

E. Develop ongoing data on the economic impact of the arts on the community.

F. Review and make recommendations upon all works of art to be acquired by the City, either by purchase, gift, or otherwise, and exterior works of art installed in the civic center district which are visible to the public.

G. Encourage the beautification of the City.

H. Advise the council on all matters affecting the beauty and culture of the City.

I. Render advice and assistance in the fields of art, esthetics and beautification to other City boards and commissions.

J. Develop guidelines and procedures to be submitted to the City Council for approval for a visual arts in public places program.

K. Appoint a temporary subcommittee known as the visual arts panel, consisting of four commission members, to carry out the visual arts in public places programs.

L. Report to the council the final action of each visual arts panel in selecting and installing each art in public places project.

M. Provide recognition and increased opportunities for artists through art in public places projects and maintain an inventory of meritorious works of art in the public view.

N. Provide assistance to local artists and private property owners on matters relating to installation of works of art on private property in the public view.

O. Advise the council on all matters pertaining to the quality, quantity, scope, and style of art in public places.

P. Develop recommendations for distribution of City arts funding in accordance with established criteria.

Q. Promulgate curatorial standards for exhibits that change on a regular periodic basis.

R. Appoint a permanent committee known as the Public Art Committee. (Ord. 7082-NS § 1, 2009: Ord. 5880-NS §§ 1, 2, 1988: Ord. 5631-NS § 1, 1985: Ord. 5253-NS § 1 (part), 1980)