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A. Established. The City shall establish and maintain a Design Review Committee (DRC) to review and approve the design of development projects in accordance with Section 23.406.070--Design Review.

B. Composition.

1. The DRC shall consist of seven members, as follows:

(a) Two members of the Zoning Adjustments Board (ZAB).

(b) One member of the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC).

(c) One member of the Civic Arts Commission (CAC).

(d) Three members of the public who are Berkeley residents.

2. DRC members from boards and commissions shall be appointed by their respective bodies, and members of the public shall be appointed by the ZAB.

3. DRC membership shall include at least two-licensed architects, one licensed landscape architect, and two laypersons (persons who are neither a planning or design professional nor an expert in the fields of land use planning, architecture, or landscape architecture).

4. The DRC shall elect a chairperson and vice chairperson.

C. Responsibilities and Powers.

1. The DRC shall consider applications for Design Review and either approve, modify, or deny such applications in accordance with Section 23.406.070 (Design Review).

2. The DRC may make a recommendation on other matters upon request by the ZAB, Planning Commission, City Council, or other City boards or commissions. DRC recommendations shall be limited to the subject areas of its expertise.

D. Procedures. The DRC shall adopt rules of procedure and shall keep a record of its proceedings. A majority of the appointed members shall constitute a quorum. (Ord. 7787-NS § 2 (Exh. A), 2021)