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A. Applicability. The standards in this section apply to lots in a Non-Residential District that abut or confront a lot in a Residential District.

B. Conflicting Provisions. If the standards in this section conflict with a standard in Chapters 23.202--23.210 (Zoning Districts), the Chapters 23.202--23.210 standard governs.

C. Standards.

1. Display Window Orientation. Display windows and customer entrances, other than required exits, shall not face abutting lots in a Residential District.

2. Exterior Lighting. Exterior lighting shall be shielded in a manner which avoids direct glare onto abutting lots in a Residential District.

3. Lot Line Screening. To provide screening, a solid wall or fence, measuring 6 feet in height from existing grade, shall be erected at the lot line of an abutting lot in a Residential District.

4. Exhaust Air Ducts.

(a) Exhaust air ducts shall be located or oriented to direct vented air flows away from a Residential District.

(b) Exhaust air ducts shall include equipment to mitigates odors.

D. Modifications. The ZAB may approve a Use Permit to reduce or waive the requirements of this section upon finding that requirement is unnecessary to minimize the effects of commercial uses on a lot in the Residential District. (Ord. 7787-NS § 2 (Exh. A), 2021)