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A. Applicability. The standards in this section apply to areas used to satisfy minimum usable open space requirements.

B. Standards.

1. Accessibility and Use. Usable open space shall be accessible to the occupants of the building for active or passive recreation use.

2. Assignment to Unit. An area which is accessible and/or usable only by the occupants of a particular dwelling unit may satisfy the usable open space area requirements only for that particular dwelling unit.

3. Minimum Dimensions. Except for balconies, a usable open space area must have a minimum width and length of 10 feet.

4. Balconies.

(a) A maximum of 50 percent of the total required usable open space area may be satisfied by balconies.

(b) A balcony must have a minimum width and length of 6 feet.

(c) At least one exterior side must be open and unobstructed except for required railings.

5. Uncovered. Except for balconies, usable open space shall be at least 75 percent open to the sky.

6. Slope. Usable open space must have a slope of 8 percent grade or less.

7. Landscaping.

(a) At least 40 percent of the total required usable open space area, exclusive of balconies above the ground floor, shall be landscaped.

(b) A landscaped area may not include off-street parking spaces, driveways, paved walkways and paths, patios and other surfaces covered by concrete or asphalt.

(c) For multiple dwelling uses, required landscaped areas shall incorporate automatic irrigation and drainage facilities adequate to assure healthy growing conditions for plants.

8. Amenities. Usable open space which is not planted shall be developed to encourage outdoor active or passive recreational use and shall include such elements as decks, sports courts, outdoor seating, decorative paved areas and walkways which do not serve as entrance walkways.

9. Access Features Not Included. Usable open space may not contain area designated for off-street parking and loading, service areas, driveways, required walkways or other features used for access to dwelling units.

C. Other Open Space Areas. Areas of the lot which do not qualify as usable open space and which are not designated as driveways, off-street parking spaces or required walkways, shall be retained as landscaped areas. (Ord. 7835-NS § 7, 2022: Ord. 7787-NS § 2 (Exh. A), 2021)