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A. All Districts.

1. Lot Changes. A lot may not be subdivided or reduced in size and a lot line may not be adjusted or redrawn in a manner that conflicts with the Zoning Ordinance or:

(a) Reduces the lot area, lot width, or lot depth below the district minimum requirement;

(b) Reduces the area per dwelling unit, area for off-street parking spaces, or usable open space area below the district minimum requirement;

(c) Reduces the setback or driveway dimension below minimum district requirements for any existing building; or

(d) Creates a building site where setbacks or driveways for a new building would require a Use Permit or Variance.

2. Transactions Contrary to Minimum Lot Size Requirements. Any deed of conveyance, sale or contract to sell made contrary to the minimum lot size requirements of the Zoning Ordinance is voidable at the sole option of the grantee, buyer or person contracting to buy, their heirs, personal representative or trustee in insolvency or bankruptcy within one year after the date of execution of the deed of conveyance, sale, or contract.

3. Front Lot Line Determination for Corner Lots. For the purpose of determining lot frontage and setback requirements, the shorter of the two intersecting lot lines along the rights-of-way of a corner lot is considered the front of the lot. For lots with equal frontage, or for irregularly shaped corner lots, the Zoning Officer shall designate the front lot line in a manner to best promote the orderly development of the immediate area.

4. Condominium Lots. For condominium projects with a common area, all buildings and the common area together are treated as a single lot for the purpose of calculating minimum lot size, setback, density, FAR, coverage, usable open space and off-street parking requirements.

5. Projections Over Lot Lines. A building or structure may not project over a lot line except that:

(a) Awnings and other architectural features may project over a lot line into the public right-of-way; and

(b) Fences may be erected on shared lot lines.

B. Residential Districts.

1. Lot Line Designations for Flag and Irregular Lots. The Zoning Officer shall designate the front, side, and rear lot line for flag lots and irregular interior lots in a manner to best protect light, air, and privacy. (Ord. 7787-NS § 2 (Exh. A), 2021)