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A. District Purpose. The purpose of the Residential Southside (R-S) district is to:

1. Implement General Plan and Southside Plan policy by encouraging relatively high and moderate-density, multi-story residential development close to major shopping, transportation, and employment centers;

2. Make housing available for persons who desire a convenient location with relatively small amounts of usable open space, yet assure adequate light, air, privacy and usable open space to promote and protect their physical and mental health;

3. Protect adjacent properties from unreasonable obstruction of light and air;

4. Permit the construction of residential structures, such as apartments, and residential hotels, which will provide housing opportunities for transient or seasonal residents;

5. Encourage the construction of new housing on vacant properties and surface parking lots;

6. Encourage the redevelopment of single-story structures that are not historically significant resources with more dense housing development; and

7. Protect and enhance historically and architecturally significant buildings by ensuring that new development and alterations complement their existing architectural character.

B. Allowed Land Uses. See Table 23.202-1: Allowed Land Uses in Residential Districts.

C. Additional Permit Requirements. See Section 23.202.030.A--Additional Permit Requirements (Residential Additions).

D. Design Review. All mixed-use and community and institutional projects, as defined in Chapter 23.502--Glossary, require Design Review.

E. Development Standards.

1. Basic Standards. See Table 23.202-18: R-S Development Standards.

2. Supplemental Standards. Supplemental development standards that apply in the R-S district are noted in Table 23.202-18: R-S Development Standards.




Lot Area, Minimum

23.304.020-Lot Requirements

New Lots

No minimum

Per Group Living Accommodation Resident

No minimum

Residential Density

23.106.100-Residential Density

Minimum (du/acre)


Maximum (du/acre)

No maximum

Usable Open Space, Minimum

50 sq. ft. per 1,000 sq. ft. of gross residential floor area

23.304.090-Usable Open Space

Floor Area Ratio, Maximum


Main Building Height, Maximum

55 ft.

23.304.050-Building Height

Lot Line Setbacks, Minimum



No minimum


4 ft.

Interior Side

4 ft.

Street Side

No minimum

Building Separation, Minimum

No minimum

23.304.040-Building Separation in Residential Districts

Lot Coverage, Maximum


23.304.120-Lot Coverage

(Ord. 7890-NS § 10, 2023: Ord. 7787-NS § 2 (Exh. A), 2021)