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A. Through the enactment of this Chapter, the City seeks to establish a thoughtful process regarding the procurement and use of Surveillance Technology that carefully balances the City’s interest in protecting public safety with its interest in protecting the privacy and civil rights of its community members.

B. Transparency is essential when the City is considering procurement and use of Surveillance Technology.

C. Although such technology may be beneficial to public order and safety, it has the potential to put both privacy and civil liberties at risk.

D. Decisions relating to Surveillance Technology should occur with strong consideration of the impact such technologies may have on civil rights and civil liberties, as with all rights guaranteed by the California and United States Constitutions.

E. Surveillance Technology may involve immediate, as well as ongoing, financial costs. Before the City acquires any Surveillance Technology, it must evaluate all costs associated with the procurement, installation, use and maintenance of the technology.

F. Decisions regarding whether and how Surveillance Technologies should be funded, acquired, or used should be governed by the City Council as the elected representatives of the City.

G. In addition to applicable local, state, and federal law, legally enforceable safeguards, including robust transparency, oversight, and accountability measures, are important in the protection of civil rights and civil liberties.

H. Data reporting measures will enable the City Council and public to confirm that mandated civil rights and civil liberties safeguards have been strictly observed. (Ord. 7592-NS § 2 (part), 2018)