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Article 3. Agreements With Law Enforcement Agencies
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The interests of all people of the City, the Police Department which serves those people, and the cause of a more just system of law enforcement will all be furthered by providing for openness and candor and community involvement in the establishment of working relationships between the Berkeley Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, police departments or private security organizations. Law enforcement activities and procedures within the City limits are a major matter of policy in the governance of the City. The general purpose of the ordinance codified in this article is to provide for the public disclosure and City Council approval of the terms and conditions of agreements, understandings, or policies reflecting such relationships, and for community involvement in the process of such approval, prior to the date on which the agreements, understandings or policies take effect and City funds are expended in implementation thereof. (Ord. 4640-NS § 1, 1973)