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A. Every commissioner, except those exempted from the residency requirement pursuant to Section 2.04.140, shall execute an Affidavit of Residency, signed under penalty of perjury, prior to their appointment. Said affidavit must be filed with the City Clerk at the same time as their appointment form is filed with the City Clerk. No commissioner shall be appointed, nor may they serve on a commission if an Affidavit of Residency has not been filed with the appointment form.

B. On a semi-annual basis, the City Clerk shall send notification to every active commissioner advising of the residency requirement in Section 2.04.140 and requesting address confirmation. The notice and confirmation may be in paper or electronic form.

C. Any commissioner found to be in violation of the residency requirements in Section 2.04.140 shall be automatically terminated from the commission. (Ord. 7565-NS § 1, 2017: Ord. 7260-NS § 1, 2012; Ord. 7111-NS § 1, 2009)