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The terms of persons appointed to boards, commissions and committees under Sections 2.04.030 through 2.04.130 shall expire no later than the same date as the expiration of the term of the councilmember who appointed them. The council may provide for shorter terms.

The death, resignation or recall of a councilmember shall cause the terms of such councilmember’s appointees to expire. All members of boards, commissions and committees appointed under Sections 2.04.030 through 2.04.130 whose terms expire shall serve until their successors are appointed, except in the case of automatic termination for absence. Each vacancy on a board, commission or committee is to be filled through appointment or reappointment by the councilmember to whom the vacancy is credited. Sections 2.04.030 through 2.04.130 shall not affect limitations set by the council on the number of terms persons may serve. (Ord. 4780-NS § 5, 1975)