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That the following procedure is hereby established for recording closed sessions of the City Council:

A. A minute record of all closed sessions shall be kept.

B. The City Clerk, or a designated representative, shall be the clerk of all such sessions.

C. The Clerk shall attend the complete closed session and have the duty to keep a minute book of each meeting.

D. The minute book shall be a written record and not a recording taken by mechanical means.

E. The minute book shall include the following:

1. A record of the names of all persons in attendance for each topic discussed.

2. A record of the beginning and ending times and dates of each session.

3. A record of each topic discussed in specific terms.

4. A record of the decision(s) made in the session, if any, by name of the councilmember.

F. The record book shall be confidential and available only to the members of the legislative body, the City Manager, the City Attorney, a department head who attended a particular closed session, or, if a violation is alleged to have occurred at a closed session, to a court of general jurisdiction wherein the local agency lies.

G. In the summary of the council meeting wherein the closed session occurred and in the subsequent minutes for that meeting, the item(s) of the closed session shall be listed. A brief description of the general topics discussed in the session shall be included, said description to be as specific as possible without violating the confidential nature of the session.

H. Any board, commission or committee which holds a closed session shall follow the same procedure. (Ord. 5396-NS § 1, 1981: Ord. 5349-NS § 1981)