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A. No landlord may bring or threaten to bring an action to recover possession, cause a tenant to quit the unit involuntarily, serve any notice to quit or notice of termination of tenancy, decrease any services or increase the rent where the landlord’s intention is retaliation against the tenant for the tenant’s assertion or exercise of rights under this chapter. Such retaliation shall be a defense to an action to recover possession, or it may serve as a basis for an affirmative suit by the tenant for actual and punitive damages and injunctive relief.

B. It shall be illegal for any landlord to refuse to rent to any persons on the grounds that they may assert their rights under this chapter because they require an elevator for access to or egress from the building. In any action by any person arising out of a violation of this section, the prevailing plaintiff shall be entitled to all appropriate relief including but not limited to injunctive relief, actual damages including emotional distress, statutory damages not to exceed ten thousand dollars and reasonable attorney’s fees. (Ord. 6245-NS § 7, 1994)