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For buildings placed on the inventory prior to January 1, 2014, within two years of the date of service of the notice of inclusion on the inventory, the owner of each building on the inventory shall submit an initial screening and a detailed seismic engineering evaluation report prepared by a qualified California licensed structural or civil engineer that: analyzes the structural ability of the building to resist the seismic effects of earthquakes and the extent to which the building meets the standards for structural seismic adequacy as set forth in Chapter A4 of the 2003 IEBC as modified by this Chapter, identifies any hazardous exterior design elements, describes the elements of work needed to remedy the identified weaknesses, and provides other relevant information as specified by the Building Official. The seismic evaluation report review fee as set by City Council resolution shall apply. The purpose of the analysis is to investigate the structural systems of a building that resist loads imposed by earthquakes and to determine if any individual portion or combination of these systems is inadequate to prevent a collapse or partial collapse or other damage hazardous to life. (Ord. 7318-NS § 1 (part), 2013)