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WHEREAS, the City of Berkeley makes and concurs with the following findings:

1. Energy is essential to the lives of the citizens of the nation, the state of California, the City of Berkeley.

2. Dwindling traditional energy resources and rising energy costs necessitate maximizing efforts for energy efficiency and self-reliance.

3. Energy efficiency and self-reliance require maximum energy conservation and innovation such as exploration and appropriate use of solar, wind, cogeneration, and related renewable resources.

4. Energy conservation and innovation necessitate multi-faceted efforts, including, supportive policies and laws, encouragement of conservation habits, energy related economic efforts, installation of technical energy measures, and financing of energy measures.

5. The City of Berkeley has continued to make efforts to assist citizens in reducing their energy costs and to maximize energy conservation and innovation through such efforts as:

a. The Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance.

b. Home Weatherization and Low-Income Energy Assistance Programs.

c. Coordination of energy educational efforts such as the Berkeley Energy Action Mobilization (BEAM) workshops and organization of energy information networking.

d. Coordination of City energy efforts with other existing community, governmental, and utility activities such as the Residential Conservation Services (RCS) home auditing program.

e. Promotion of general community conservation awareness and activities.

6. Various localities have established Municipal Solar Utilities (MSUs) which are programs to promote and coordinate efforts to increase use of energy conservation and renewable energy technologies through promotion of such activities as community education and promotion and facilitation of financing, leasing, permit approval, and consumer protection pertaining to installation of solar, conservation and related technologies. (Ord. 5502-NS Preamble, 1982)