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For the purposes of this chapter, certain words and phrases are defined as follows:

A. "Groundwater" means water within the earth, such as that which supplies or could supply wells and springs. Groundwater occupies space between earth or soil particles.

B. "Intercepted groundwater" means groundwater which has been caught or gathered or concentrated.

C. "Roof runoff" means stormwater which has fallen upon the roof of a structure and has moved from the roof in obedience to the laws of gravity.

D. "Sanitary sewage" means a combination of the liquid and water-borne wastes derived from ordinary living processes and from industrial and commercial processes. It is commonly discharged from water closets, bidets, urinals, sinks and floor drains in residences, business buildings, institutions and industrial establishments.

E. "Sanitary sewer" means a pipe, conduit, or sewer owned, operated and maintained by the City and which is designated by the Director of Public Works as one dedicated to the exclusive purpose of carrying sanitary sewage to the exclusion of unpolluted water.

F. "Stormwater" means water which has precipitated from the atmosphere such as rain, snow or hail.

G. "Subsurface drainage" means groundwater intercepted by means of gravel and/or pipes with the intent of lowering the groundwater table in the vicinity of the gravel and/or pipes usually for the purpose of dewatering a structure built wholly or partly below ground surface.

H. "Surface water" means water that is produced by rainfall, melting snow, melting hail, escapement from water service mains or by springs and is resting on or moving over lands or improvements in obedience to the laws of gravity. (Ord. 5030-NS § 1, 1978)