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**Chapters 11.18 and 11.52 were severed from Title 11, repealed in 2004, and reenacted as Title 15, Chapters 15.04, 15.08 and 15.12.

Chapter 15.12 adopts Chapters 6.5, 6.67, 6.7, 6.75, 6.11 and 6.95 of Division 20 of the California Health and Safety Code, and Division 7, Chapter 10, Article 4 of the California Water Code with specified modifications and also elements of Article 79 and 80 of the Uniform Fire Code.

See also Chapter 11.50 for provisions of the Berkeley Hazardous Waste Importation Regulation Act.

Under Chapter 19.48 of the Berkeley Municipal Code, the Fire Department has permit requirements and other requirements for hazardous materials.