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A. The remedies provided for under this section are in addition to any the City might have under Chapter 1.24 or applicable law.

B. Any owner violating or causing the violation of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable as set forth in Chapter 1.20 of this code, but may be charged, in the discretion of the prosecutor, as an infraction unless the graffiti is caused by vandals and the owner makes a good faith effort to maintain the property free of graffiti and removes graffiti.

C. The City Attorney may bring an action under this section on behalf of the City to enjoin the nuisance or other relief, including an action for public sale of the property to pay any outstanding liens. In such an action, the City shall recover its costs of abatement, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to civil penalties.

D. Any interested person may bring an action to abate the nuisance. In any such action the court shall award reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs to the prevailing plaintiff. (Ord. 6775-NS § 1, 2003)