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A. Where an owner withdraws their residential rental accommodations from rent or lease they shall offer for rent or lease any available residential rental units in Berkeley that they own, to any tenant who is required to move as a result of the owner’s withdrawal of the accommodations from rent or lease. Accommodations shall be considered available if vacant at the time the owner provides notice to the City of their intent to withdraw their residential rental accommodations from rent or lease pursuant to 13.77.050.A.3 or if the accommodations become vacant at any time prior to the tenant vacating the withdrawn accommodations.

B. If the tenants displaced by the withdrawal of the residential rental accommodations are greater in number than the available residential rental units, the owner shall offer the accommodations to all displaced tenants and give a priority to renting or leasing such available units to any disabled or elderly displaced tenants. If none of the tenants are elderly or disabled, the owner shall give each displaced tenant equal priority in the renting or leasing of such available units. (Ord. 6783-NS § 2 (part), 2003: Ord. 6646-NS § 3, 2001)