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A. The Housing Element of the Berkeley Master Plan of 1977 states that:

1. Berkeley residents have the right to decent housing in pleasant neighborhoods which meet standards of adequacy at a range of prices they can afford. (Goal 1)

2. Existing housing should be maintained and improved. (Goal 2)

3. Berkeley should have an adequate supply of housing throughout the City for persons with special needs. (Goal 3)

4. All residents should have equal access to housing opportunities, financing and insurance on a non-discriminatory basis. (Goal 4)

B. On June 6, 1972, the electorate of the City of Berkeley passed a rent control charter amendment that was later voided by the California Supreme Court as being unconstitutional.

C. On June 5, 1973, the City Council declared the existence of a housing emergency in the City of Berkeley, based upon the council’s finding of a pattern of steadily rising rents, a shortage of decent housing and an increased deterioration of the existing housing stock in the City.

D. On November 7, 1978, the electorate of the City of Berkeley passed a renter property tax relief ordinance.

E. On October 25, 1979, the Berkeley City Council, Berkeley Housing Authority, the Berkeley Housing Advisory and Appeals Board, and members of the City’s administrative staff held a public workshop regarding the current housing conditions in Berkeley.

F. On October 30, 1979, January 26, 1980 and February 21, 1980, the Berkeley City Council held public hearings at which members of the public expressed their views regarding current housing conditions in Berkeley and legislative proposals for rent stabilization and eviction controls.

G. The most significant provisions of the 1978 Renter Property Tax Relief Ordinance expired on December 30, 1979.

H. On November 27, 1979, the Berkeley City Council passed an ordinance establishing a temporary rent stabilization program, effective until June 30, 1980. (Ord. 5467-NS § 2, 1982: Ord. 5261-NS § 2, 1980)