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A. Whenever the City Manager or their designee finds by a preponderance of the evidence in accordance with subsection B, below, that the unlawful sale, storage, manufacturing or selling or giving away of a controlled substance, precursor or analog as defined in the Health and Safety Code has occurred in or about the premises of any privately owned property they may order the property owner to take corrective action to abate the activity. Such corrective action may include, but is not limited to, the hiring of a resident manager or security guard, the installing of secure doors at the front and rear of the buildings, the posting of "no trespassing" signs in and on the property, the development of property rules which regulates the entrance to and egress from the property of nonresidents, and the institution of actions to remove any resident or others engaging in such illegal conduct on or about the premises.

B. Prior to the City taking such action the property owner shall be afforded written notice of the City Manager’s proposed actions, a general description of the basis therefor, and a reasonable opportunity to respond. No hearing shall be required at which evidence is required to be taken. (Ord. 5981-NS § 1, 1990: Ord. 5947-NS § 2, 1989)