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A. The penalties assessed as a result of a subsequent City response to a loud or unruly gathering shall constitute a debt of all persons liable for the penalties in favor of the City and may be collected in any manner authorized by law and are recoverable in a civil action filed by the City in a court of competent jurisdiction. The remedies provided by this chapter are in addition to all other civil and criminal remedies available to the City with respect to the unlawful conduct constituting the public nuisance which gave rise to the need for the City response under this Chapter.

B. The City of Berkeley may also collect the fees assessed against the owner of the property as provided in Ordinance No. 6156-NS, the Recovery of Costs for Abatement of Nuisances Ordinance (Chapter 1.24). (Ord. 7177-NS § 3, 2011: Ord. 6182-NS § 6, 1993)