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This chapter is enacted for the following public purposes among others:

A. Due to inadequate supervision, some large gatherings of people, such as parties, frequently become loud and unruly to the point that they constitute a threat to the peace, health, safety, or general welfare of the public as a result of conduct such as one or more of the following: excessive noise, excessive traffic, obstruction of public streets or crowds who have spilled over into public streets, public drunkenness, the service of alcohol to minors, fights, disturbances of the peace, and litter.

B. The City of Berkeley (hereafter "City") is required to make multiple responses to such unruly gatherings in order to restore and maintain the peace and protect public safety. Such gatherings are a burden on scarce City resources and can result in police responses to regular and emergency calls being delayed and police protection to the rest of the City being reduced.

C. In order to discourage the occurrence of repeated loud and unruly gatherings, the persons responsible for the public nuisance created by these gatherings should be fined. (Ord. 6182-NS § 1, 1993)