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The definitions set forth in this Section shall govern the application and interpretation of this Chapter.

A. "Mini-dorm" means any building in an R-1, R-1A, R-2, R-2A, or R-3 Zoning District that contains a dwelling unit that is occupied by six or more persons over the age of eighteen years, but is not a Group Living Accommodation as defined in Chapter 23F.04. Permitted and Legal non-conforming Sororities, Fraternities, and Student Co-ops shall not be considered Mini-Dorms, as long as they have a resident manager.

B. "Bedroom" means any Habitable Space in a Dwelling Unit or habitable Accessory Structure other than a kitchen or living room that is intended for or capable of being used for sleeping with a door that closes the room off from other common space such as living and kitchen areas that is at least 70 square feet in area, exclusive of closets and other appurtenant space, and meets Building Code standards for egress, light and ventilation. A room identified as a den, library, study, loft, dining room, or other extra room that satisfies this definition will be considered a bedroom for the purposes of applying this requirement.

C. "Accessory Structure," "Gross Floor Area," "Dwelling Unit" and "Group Living Accommodation" (or “GLA”) have the same meanings as set forth in Chapter 23F.04.

D. "Alcoholic Beverage" shall have the same meaning as Vehicle Code Section 109.

E. "Monitoring Organization" shall mean the University of California, the ASUC, the Intrafraternity Council or any other organization that the City determines is capable of providing quarterly monitoring and reporting sufficient to enable the City to determine continued compliance with practices adopted by a GLA under Section 13.42.005.B.

F. "Responsible Resident" means a person or persons, or committee, designated pursuant to Section 13.42.030.B.

G. "Property Manager" means a person who is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance, upkeep, and security of the property. The property manager may be the Owner of the property. (Ord. 7631-NS § 2, 2018: Ord. 7455-NS § 4, 2016: Ord. 7337-NS § 2, 2014; Ord. 7226-NS § 1 (part), 2012)