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A. Upon a finding by the City Manager that a contractor has violated the requirements of this chapter, the City shall have the rights and remedies described in this section, in addition to any rights and remedies provided at law or in equity.

1. The City Manager shall be authorized to terminate said contract and bar the contractor from bidding on future contracts with the City for five (5) years from the effective date of the contract termination; and

2. In the City Manager’s sole discretion, a contractor found to have willfully violated the requirements of this chapter may be required to pay liquidated damages.

3. Reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.

B. An employee claiming violation of this chapter may bring an action in the appropriate division of the Superior Court of the State of California against an employer and obtain the following remedies:

1. Reinstatement, injunctive relief, compensatory damages and punitive damages.

2. Reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.

C. Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter or any other chapter to the contrary, no criminal penalties shall attach for any violation of this chapter.

D. No remedy set forth in this chapter is intended to be exclusive or a prerequisite for asserting a cause of action to enforce any rights hereunder in a court of law. This chapter shall not be construed to limit an employee’s right to bring a common law cause of action for wrongful termination.

E. Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted to authorize a right of action against the City. (Ord. 6623-NS § 1, 2001)