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For purposes of this ordinance, the following definitions apply:

A. "City" means the City of Berkeley.

B. "Delivery Fee" means a fee charged by a Third-Party Food Delivery Service for providing a Retail Food Establishment with a service that delivers food and beverages from such establishment to customers. The term does not include any other fee or cost that may be charged by a Third-Party Food Delivery Service to a Retail Food Establishment, such as fees for listing or advertising the Retail Food Establishment on the Third-Party Food Delivery Service platform or fees related to processing the online order, including, but not limited to, service fees, fees for facilitating Online Orders for pick-up, and credit card processing fees.

C. "Online Order" means an order placed by a customer through or with the assistance of a platform provided by a Third-Party Food Delivery Service, including a telephone order, for delivery or pick-up within the City.

D. "Purchase Price" means the price, as listed on the menu, for the items contained in an Online Order, minus any applicable coupon or promotional discount provided to the customer by the Retail Food Establishment through the Third-Party Food Delivery Service. This definition does not include taxes, gratuities, and any other fees or costs that may make up the total amount charged to the customer of an Online Order.

E. "Retail Food Establishment" means a restaurant, delicatessen, bakery, coffee shop, or other eat-in or carry-out service of processed or prepared raw and ready-to-eat food or beverages.

F. "Third-Party Food Delivery Service" means any website, mobile application, or other internet service that offers or arranges for the sale of food and beverages prepared by, and the delivery or pick-up of food and beverages from, no fewer than 5 Retail Food Establishments located in the City that are each owned and operated by different persons. (Ord. 7727-NS § 1 (part), 2020)