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A. The City Manager or their designee shall take all necessary steps to implement this Chapter, including but not limited to the following:

1. Developing any notice required for purposes of implementing the requirements of this Chapter, the annual compliance certification form, and other implementation documents, including written materials for Housing Providers and potential Applicants; and

2. Conducting outreach to and preparing a plan to provide ongoing training about the requirements Chapter for Housing Providers.

The City Manager is authorized to adopt Administrative Regulations necessary to implement the requirements of this Chapter.

B. The City Manager or their designee shall provide an annual public report to the City Council on the implementation and enforcement of this Chapter. The annual report shall include, at a minimum: (1) a summary of the annual compliance certifications submitted by Affordable Housing Providers; (2) the number of complaints filed with the City regarding violations of this Chapter and the outcomes of such complaints; (3) and the number of notices filed with the City regarding actions brought under Section 13.106.100.C and the outcomes of any such actions. (Ord. 7692-NS § 1 (part), 2020)