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Any transportation of nuclear weapons, the fissionable components of nuclear weapons, enriched uranium, plutonium or high-level radioactive waste is, in the interest of the public safety, subject to the following restrictions:

A. In each situation, the City of Berkeley shall determine the safest reasonable routes and means of transport for the movement of any of the above-listed materials. Before approving such determination, the City Council shall convene at least one public hearing with adequate notice being given so as to ensure maximum public participation in the hearings. Following selection and approval of the route and means, full public notice shall be given as to this information and as to the additional restrictions of this section.

B. Each vehicle involved in such transportation shall have signs clearly visible for fifty feet in each direction warning "Transportation of Nuclear Materials."

C. Prior to each instance of shipment of such materials, adequate public notice shall be given. Particular attention shall be paid to giving notice directly adjacent to the route of transport. (Ord. 5784-NS § 10, 1986)