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Upon receipt of an application for a certificate of emergency transport, the Fire Chief or their designee shall notify and meet with the Director of Public Health or their designee to evaluate said application. A certificate shall not issue without the full concurrence of the Fire Chief and the Director of Public Health, or the respective designees acting in their stead. No certificate of emergency transport shall be issued to any person making application for the shipment or transportation of those radioactive materials specified in this chapter unless the applicant makes the following showings:

A. The radioactive material has been or will be containerized and packaged, and all warning labels affixed to the outer container holding the radioactive materials, in conformity with the regulations of the United States Department of Transportation, United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or other related federal or state agencies; and

B. The shipment or transportation of radioactive materials is necessitated by public policy or national security interests. Economic consideration alone will not constitute a sufficient showing to warrant issuance of a certificate.

C. For the purposes of this section, a "public policy" shall include medical and educational interests relating to the public health, welfare and safety. (Ord. 5320-NS § 6, 1981)