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A. Application for a certificate of emergency transport shall be made to the Fire Chief or their designated representative at least three work days prior to the date of shipment. The application shall be made in writing on a form approved by the City Manager.

B. The Fire Chief, with the concurrence of the Director of Public Health, or their designees, may, in dire emergency situations affecting the public health, welfare or safety, waive the time requirement specified under subsection A.

C. The application must set forth the following information:

1. The name, address and telephone number of the shipper.

2. The name, address and telephone number of the consignee.

3. The proposed mode of transportation.

4. The name of the carrier.

5. The type and quantity of radioactive materials or waste.

6. The proposed date and time shipment will be transported through, into or over the City.

7. The proposed route to be taken, including point of origin and place of final destination. (Ord. 5320-NS § 5, 1981)