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A. A certificate of emergency transport, issued by the Fire Chief, or their designated representative, shall be required and made available for inspection by law enforcement officers, for the shipping or transportation of the following radioactive materials into, through or over the City of Berkeley by any mode of transportation whatsoever:

1. Any actinides, in any quantity and form, except for: sealed sources in measurement devices approved smoke alarms, and medical devices designed for individual human application (e.g. cardiac pace-makers), where in each case the aggregate amount of each transportation shipment does not exceed one curie.

2. Large quantity radioactive materials as defined in subsection 12.84.020D.

3. Nuclear weapons.

4. Hectocurie and kilocurie cobalt-60 and cesium-137 teletherapy sources employed in diagnostic radiology, therapeutic radiology, biomedical research or education purposes. (Ord. 5335-NS § 1, 1981: Ord. 5320-NS § 3, 1981)