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A. Natural Gas Infrastructure shall be prohibited in Newly Constructed Buildings.

1. Exception: Natural Gas Infrastructure may be permitted in a Newly Constructed Building if the Applicant establishes that it is not physically feasible to construct the building without Natural Gas Infrastructure. For purposes of this exception, "physically feasible" to construct the building means either an all-electric prescriptive compliance approach is available for the building under the Energy Code or the building is able to achieve the performance compliance standards under the Energy Code using commercially available technology and an approved calculation method.

B. To the extent that Natural Gas Infrastructure is permitted, it shall be permitted to extend to any system, device, or appliance within a building for which an equivalent all-electric system or design is not available.

C. Newly Constructed Buildings shall nonetheless be required at a minimum to have sufficient electric capacity, wiring and conduit to facilitate future full building electrification.

D. The requirements of this section shall be deemed objective planning standards under Government Code section 65913.4 and objective development standards under Government Code section 65589.5. (Ord. 7672-NS § 1 (part), 2019)