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A. "Applicant" shall mean an applicant for a Use Permit or Zoning Certification under Chapter 23B,

B. "Energy Code" shall mean the California Energy Code as amended and adopted in BMC Chapter 19.36.

C. "Greenhouse Gas Emissions" mean gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.

D. "Natural Gas" shall have the same meaning as "Fuel Gas" as defined in California Plumbing Code and Mechanical Code.

E. "Natural Gas Infrastructure" shall be defined as fuel gas piping, other than service pipe, in or in connection with a building, structure or within the property lines of premises, extending from the point of delivery at the gas meter as specified in the California Mechanical Code and Plumbing Code.

F. "Newly Constructed Building" shall be defined as a building that has never before been used or occupied for any purpose.

G. "Use Permit" shall have the same meaning as specified in Chapter 23B.32.

H. "Zoning Certificate" shall have the same meaning as specified in Chapter 23B.20. (Ord. 7672-NS § 1 (part), 2019)