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A. The Solid Waste Management Commission shall prepare a draft recommended solid waste management plan by January 1, 1986.

B. The commission shall hold at least one public hearing on the preparation of this draft between January 1, 1985 and January 1, 1986.

C. The commission shall submit a recommended 1986 Solid Waste Management Plan to the City Council by March 1, 1986.

D. The City Council shall hold at least one public hearing on this recommended plan between March 1, 1986 and April 16, 1986.

E. The City Manager shall provide sufficient qualified staff assistance expertise, and information, including expert financial analysis and complete and accurate data on the composition of Berkeley’s waste stream, to the commission and the council to ensure that the plan is effective, economical, attainable, and realistic. (Ord. 5625A-NS § 6, 1984)